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Communicating the plan of action

After the intake interview, the farm visit and the formulation of the plan of action, it’s time for communicating the plan of action. The communication of the set goals is of the highest importance. We need the support of personnel.

One goal, one plan
We have to present a clear plan, carried by all involved, in which is clearly stated what we expect of each and every employee individually. Transparance, being crystal clear, ist very important in this stage. Not only for the farm owner and his/ her staff, but also for other farm visitors such as the veterinarian and the specialist from the feeding company. In every step taken, personnel comes first. We need to inform and discuss again and again about the actions taken.

Getting support and backing
In many cases we need to give personnel insight in the current situation and what influence they have on achieving the set goals. PigConsult can give this insight by providing both theoretical and practical support in implementing changes in management. At the end of the day, they are the ones that have to get things done. Supporting personnel wherever needed is essential in this stage.

When providing knowledge and insight, we see that people get more involved and interested. It’s the only way to succeed: every employee needs to be recognized as a valued team member. This is the thought we need keep in mind.

Who does what?
As soon as the farm owner gives his OK on the plan action, the plan is presented and explaned to the farm manager and his/ her staff. The details are talked through one on one with every employee and taken into action. That way it’s clear for everyone what’s expected and which goal we are aiming for.6-9.jpg