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Farm visit

After the intake interview, it’s time for a look behind the scenes. Having a look at daily farm practice is needed to make a good assessment. Talking to staff, getting an impression of the level of animalcare und animal health. In addition we’ll get a general impression of the basics: feed, water, hygiene, climate und work planning.

During the farm visit the following is of interest:

  • Staff; one on one conversations with the farm manager, the assistent managers and the general staff.
  • Climate, feed installation and farm equipment in general.
  • Feeding curves, feed intake and application of advice.
  • Work planning und personnel management.
  • General impression considering hygiene, care and animal health.

Questions in regard to personnel management:

  • Does staff know what’s expected of them?
  • Are they the right person on the right spot, considering know-how and job satisfaction. Do they have enough knowledge and insight in the production process to fulfill their role?
  • What’s good and what could be better?
  • What can we do to provide the much needed support in order to accomplish our goals?