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Tailor made education and coaching

After the intake interview, farm visit, formulation and communicating the plan of action, it’s now time for building the education plan.This education plan is a tailormade plan. Starting with the basics, then moving along to the specific situation on the farm.

In this education plan the set goals will be made clear: what goals are set and how to reach them. For example: when we want to produce 1,0 piglet (25 Kg) per sow per year extra, there’s different ways to get there. For example:

Short term:

  1. Diminish death rate before and after weaning.
  2. Diminish number of still born piglets and thus getting more live born piglets.

Those involved are:

  • Farm manager
  • Farrowing manager and employees
  • Weaner manager and employees
  • Veterinarian
  • Feed company

Long term:

  • Diminish number of returns (increase pregnancy rate)
  • Having/getting control over the body condition and weight of sows.
  • Indirectly leading to more live born piglets.

Those involved are:

  • Farm manager
  • Gestation manager and employees
  • Veterinarian
  • Feed company

We can only achieve something, when we reach the people involved. With one goal and one plan.

To know who does what exactly and who carries responsibility for the endresult.

  • It all starts with the right knowledge and know-how.
  • Than after working the plan, feed back will come: evaluation of the results.
  • Here and there the course will have to be adjusted, the actions need to be changed to fit the new, current situation to achieve a better result.

The basic knowledge is very important, it’s the fundament on which is built. After the basic knowledge we”ll need specific knowledge to get further in accomplishing the set goals.

Work planning

The work process can often be more efficient and better coordinated.

To be practical: who does what exactly, when and how long does it take to finish a certain job. Every employee should have a list of jobs he/she is responsible for. That creates peace and calmness: a good planning will bring more joy and harmony on the workfloor.

Being clear an transparant: that’s how you get support from your employees to let them aim for the goals you want to reach. To see, hear, feel and smell where the limiting factors are in achieving your goals, adressing them and then coming up with answers and actions on how to overcome these limiting factors is what it’s all about.

The tailormade plan fits the current state of the farm in which the employees work. In this proces an open ear for what staff has to say or add is key. They need to be haerd an acknowledged.

This is how PigConsult operates, taking initiative in speeding up changes for progress.